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Our Work

The way we work with you is designed to ensure that we give you the best, most appropriate service for your business.

We will typically proceed in the following ways:

Advise you on what services you need

The first step will be to find out about your business, your customers etc. We would then advise you on what level of input from us is required.

This could be a producing self assessment tax returns; creating management accounts; developing databases ; or a "total rescue".

Ensure that the service meets your needs, timescales, and budgets

Before we start work we will provide you with a fixed price quotation together with schedules and timescales, to ensure that when you work with our team the service we provide meets your requirements in every respect.

Work with your business

As we work we will communicate with you to get the level of understanding necessary to create a strategy and control the business.

Doing the work

The next step will be for us to add the value to your business by enabling you to use the information produced.

Maintain the service

Once we have put a strategy and controls in place, we then continue to work with you to help you realise your goals.