Control through
strategic planning


"Cash is king" is a well known expression, especially in these times of economic uncertainty. But how many businesses take it seriously enough?

Whatever your size, whether a sole trader or Limited Company, we will help you find focus and direction with our strategic services.

Our experience covers many years in both the commercial and industrial sectors so whether your concerns are related to tax efficiency, cash flow management, growth, stabilising the business, or if you need an out and out total rescue, then we can help you.

We help our businesses to not only maintain but also to improve controls through regular review.

We have had many experiences where we have helped businesses in a poor state find their feet and go on to achieve great success.

Once the business is up and running we continue a close working relationship with our clients so we can offer relevant and timebound advice and support throughout the year. Prior to coming to us, many clients have the experience of only seeing their accountant once a year at best.

As part of our service and commitment to our clients we are available at any time to answer queries and offer support and advice.

So whether you are just starting up and want to know the pitfalls or are considering growth options for your business we are always on hand to help.