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Our Ethics

"When people need a doctor, or a lawyer, or an accountant, they seek someone whom they can trust to do a good job - not for himself, but for them. They have to trust him, since they cannot appraise the quality of his 'product'. To trust him they must believe that he is competent, and that his primary motive is to help them."


In business there is a general rule that "You get what you pay for". In the Accountancy world this is especially true and we have had experiences where we have had to "pick up the pieces" from previous bad practice. We believe that service is key when supporting our clients and we also recognise that our clients need an affordable service.

With this in mind we offer a competitive service with some flexibility. We will always advise you in advance of completing any work if we think our fee is going to be higher than quoted, so there are no surprises.


We are a firm of Chartered Certified Accountants governed by the Association of Chartered Accountants.

Hart Wright Accounting is authorised as a Registered auditor in the United Kingdom.

Our proprietor Simon Hart is a member of the Association Of Chartered Accountants and an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.